Our Story

The spring of 2007 gave birth to the idea and courage to blaze new trails to form a second chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated within Prince George’s County, Maryland. The Marvelous & Magnificent Moms of Maryland (M&M Moms), organized by Maranda Jones-Anderson, Darlene W. Brooks and Sondra G. Petty, began as a small, yet dynamic group of mothers with a goal to join other like-minded mothers with a shared vision for their children. Together, with a collective strength, devotion to family and friendship our interest group was formed.  Ideas begin to flow and officers were selected with Sondra G. Petty serving as the first President.

In July 2010, 23 M&M moms traveled to Chicago, IL to attend the 39th Biennial convention of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., where we were voted into membership as The National Harbor Provisional Chapter. On Sunday October 3, 2010 at the National Harbor Westin Hotel, The National Harbor Chapter was installed into the family of Jack and Jill of America, Inc.  The ceremony was conducted by Eastern Regional Director Tammy King, National Treasurer Terri Parker, and Protocol Chair Karen Chaplin. There were thirty-two charter members: Vanessa Biggs, Regina J. Bracey, Darlene W. Brooks, Monica Brown-Lipscomb, Tomeka C. Bumbry, Kelly Garry Burks, Shauna Berry Cooke, Dorothy Fields, Leslie Fields, Carol Gibson, Doris Gibson, Cheryl Gresham, Regina Hargraves, Kendra Day-Hernandez, Veronica Hutchinson, Trevine Jelks, Maranda Jones-Anderson, Cheryl Hargraves Muller, Sondra G. Petty, LaRhonda Roberts, Rachel L. Robinson, Imani Panton-Rogers, Kesa Russell, Kimberly Scott, Lori Shabazz, Rakiah Mohamed Sharmba, Wanda D. Smith, Angela G. Solomon, Lovie BrowneTarver, Kym D. Taylor, Valerie Vines Toyer and Crystal ChristmasWatson.

The first year was a success as the chapter grew in strength and purpose.  On May 17, 2013, new moms Colette Gresham and Nicole S. Clifton were initiated into the National Harbor Chapter. The new member ceremony was conducted by Eastern Regional Director Joi M. Grady.

On May 15, 2014, the National Harbor Chapter initiated 13 new members into the chapter. Eleven elected moms and two (2) legacies. The new member initiation ceremony was conducted by Eastern Region Treasurer, Elayna Rucker Byers at the Prince George’s County South Bowie Library in Bowie, Maryland.  Interesting and stimulating children’s activities were planned.

We have a wonderful legacy of women whose dedication to our children and our community has established a solid foundation of leading the Chapter.  Our chapter presidents include:  Sondra G. Petty (2010-2012), Tomeka C. Bumbry (2012-2016) and Cheryl Muller (2016-2018). Distinguished mothers include: Kendra Day-Hernandez (2011), Lori Shabazz (2012), Sondra G. Petty (2013) Valerie Vines Toyer (2014), Darlene W. Brooks and Tonya Jackson (2015) and Tomeka Bumbry (2016). Our chapter’s teen presidents include: Brian A. Bracey (2009-2010), Diarra Fields (2010-2012), Syrena M. Bracey (2012-2013), Taylor Gresham (2013-2014), Christal Toyer (2014-2015), Keita Gresham (2015-2016) and Dominique Brooks (2016-2017).  Immediate Past President Bumbry was appointed as regional officer for the Eastern Region in the role of Sergeant at Arms in 2013 and as Eastern Region Legislative Chair in 2014.  Most recently she was appointed to the National Strategic Task Force Committee.

In 2011, Melanie Hutchinson, became the first teen from the National Harbor Chapter to serve on the Regional Teen Board- as Eastern Regional Teen Parliamentarian.  Melanie also served as Eastern Region Legislative Chair from 2012-2013.  Teen Dominique Brooks was elected to serve on the 2015 Eastern Region Teen Conference Judicial Board at the Southern Cluster Mother’s Workday, October 25, 2014 and Christal Toyer served as the Regional Teen Nominating Chair 2015-2016.

Our chapter prides itself in ensuring that our chapter adheres to the National Programmatic Thrust set forth from the National Executive Board.  We are dedicated to maintaining a standard of excellence in community service and electing to produce signature events, including our, Health Symposium, 5K Walk, Tribute to MLK, Jeans and Jewels Affair, Trike/Bike-A-Thon, Jack and Jill Foundation National Harbor Chapter Scholarship Fund and Our Young Men’s Summit.  Today, we continue with programming that meets the developmental needs of our children in the 21st century.